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Bar Fly

bar-flyThis is a simple wet fly that I first tied almost 25 years ago as a kid trying to find something that the local fish would eat when they were not slapping dries off the surface. My mom jokingly called it the "bar fly" much like the over the hill, chain smoking women you might find at the bar. The name stuck, and I think describes this fly well. Its gaudy and flashy, and old style.


I hope you have as much success with this pattern as I do.

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Simple Pimple Popper

foam bodies09This is a simple quick popper to tie, low cost and float like a cork all day. Its perfectly sized for Bluegill, and other sunfish and attracts bass just fine as well. It uses the foam heads made using the DIY Foam Ant and Popper Bodies tutorial.

Some of my more productive colors are Black with Green face and White with Red face. The foam to make these is quite easy to find at the local hobby places, just look for the 6mm (thick) sheets, usually come in White, Red and Black. I'd like to find a source for some good green foam in 6mm as well locally, but so far no dice. The face of the popper I just use 1mm foam superglued to the 6mm. Look for a package of foam "Craft Sticks" on the pegs at the local hobby lobby. They are 1mm and come in bright colors, perfect for this, and the ant bodies indicator color.


I hope you have as much success with this pattern as I do.

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Maverick Pike Fly

maverick-step00This is a quick pike tie that has proven pretty effective on the local pike populations here in Arizona. Its a simple pattern that can be adjusted in color to suit the fish and conditions in your area. I've tied this in "FireTiger" Orange, Black, White and as demonstrated here, Yellow. The undersized (for hook size) fish skull provides just a little bit of weight to give the fly a nice action in the water, but not so much as to drop fast and get you hung up. Give this pattern a try the next time you're chasing pike.

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[Video] Red Wire Annelid

red wire annelid

A quick and dirty wire annelid I tied for the San Juan River, New Mexico. It was quite effective for those of us that fished it. The wire seems to get the fly down a little quicker to the fish instead of only relying on the split shot or lead to get it down.


I tie it on as a dropper under an egg pattern or bugger and it works great. Hope it works for you, thanks for checking it out!



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JJ's Succulent Shrimp

jj succulent shrimpI created this pattern from looking at other patterns out there and combining some of the best elements from them. Its an easy tie that produces a great looking shrimp. Colors could be altered to match your local "hatch" as well. 

The weight at the eye of the hook makes this fly ride hook point up to keep from snagging the bottom, and also gives it a nice swim and dive when retrieved. The back is covered in UV resin to add durabilility, this fly should last quite a few fish.

I hope you have success with this pattern and enjoy tying them as much as I do!

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[Video] JJ's Woven Damsel Nymph

jj damsel

I was inspired to tie up some damsel nymphs after a recent encounter with an emerging damselfly on Tonto Creek here in Arizona.


We were exploring the creek and found quite a few of the nymphs under and on rocks.


This tie swims great and looks tasty bumping along the creek bottom.


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Carp Chow

carp chow08II've been having luck recently with a very simple tie run as a dropper to a size 12 Olive/Gray Simi-Seal leech.


This combination works great when casting to cruising, tailing or even rising fish. The heavier "main" fly works to sink the Carp Chow dropper, but the Carp Chow is fighting this sink with a little bit of foam inside to keep it almost neutral boyant. So the pair of flies sink slowly with the Simi-Seal Leech leading the way, when they hit the bottom, the Carp Chow slowly follows the leech to the bottom. A lot of the times the fish will key in on the Leech and any movement of the flies will snap the fish around and they gobble the Chow fly fairly aggressively. I've also run this as a dropper under a large Stimulator when they are slurping the surface in the early morning and late evening. Same response as the leech, they are attracted to the surface fly, but end up taking the Chow fly.


It has been working great lately for me, I hope it works for your fish too.


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Soggy Bread Fly

soggy bread fly 01I've been experimenting with surface/surface film flies for carp lately trying to perfect an easy to tie, solid producer. After about 2 dozen carp and countless missed strikes and break-offs, I think I've finalized my Soggy Bread Carp Fly.

The fly was inspired by a conversation I had with a couple buddies while fishing some local urban ponds about carp and bread. Figuring that a lot of the urban ponds get the duck feeders, I'm sure the carp have keyed into the fact that bread is edible and what it looks like floating in the surface film.


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