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[Video] AZ Foam Cicada


AZ Foam Cicada. Simple adaptation of the Absolute Hopper pattern tied to imitate the Cicadas we get here in Arizona and are a favorite food for big and aggressive fish.




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[Video] AZ Wanderings Mini Hopper


Mini Hopper Fly Pattern from Ben @ Arizona Wanderings.

This is a great little hopper pattern that works excellent on the trout here in Arizona. I've also found it to work great on the panfish here in our urban and surrounding lakes. Its quick to tie, and very durable.

Tie them up in Orange, Green, Brown or any other color combinations you think might work.



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[Video] Bluegill Candy Hopper

bluegill candy hoppers

Bluegill Candy Hopper fly pattern adopted from the Hopper Juan pattern.

These are a great Panfish fly in all colors. I tie them in Greens, Tan, Brown, Orange and the Black and Raspberry shown in the video. All colors work great, some more than others depending on the conditions.


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