White Trash Nymph

white trash nymphThe White Trash Nymph has been working great as a dropper on the local Bass and Bluegill lakes recently. The bedded bass really seemed to hate this fly and numerous largemouth were caught while bluegill fishing over the past few months along with some bruiser bluegill as well.  

Its a simple tie, and very effective. It is pretty much a Flashback Hares Ear using  a white Simi Seal like dubbing I've been experimenting with.

Materials List
Hook: Size 12-18 Wet
Thread: White
Weight: Few turns of lead, Bead or Weightless
Tail: White Simi Seal
Body: White Simi Seal
Thorax: White Simi Seal
Legs: White Baby Legs Alive
Wingcase: Pearl Flash


Tying Instructions
white trash nymph01Start by wrapping lead if you plan to weight them, if not, just start your thread and run a thread base to the tail tie in point. (you can also tie these with a bead, but I like them more traditional thread head myself)

white trash nymph02Take a small pinch of dubbing, hand stack it and tie in for the tail.

white trash nymph03Dub forward to just ahead of the midpoint on the hook creating a nice taper.

white trash nymph04Tie in your Flash.
white trash nymph05Dub one or two turns, and then tie in your Baby Legs Alive. 3 or 4 strands on both sides.
white trash nymph06Dub a nice thick thorax the rest of the way to the eye.

white trash nymph07Fold the flash over the thorax to form the wingcase and secure behind the eye tightly. Create a nice thread head and whip finish the fly. Trim the legs.

white trash nymph08Top view showing what length to trim the legs.

white trash nymphA little head cement and you've got a quick tie that just produces well. I fish this as a dropper under a Bluegill Candy Hopper or Simple Pimple Hopper with great results.

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