Bar Fly

bar-flyThis is a simple wet fly that I first tied almost 25 years ago as a kid trying to find something that the local fish would eat when they were not slapping dries off the surface. My mom jokingly called it the "bar fly" much like the over the hill, chain smoking women you might find at the bar. The name stuck, and I think describes this fly well. Its gaudy and flashy, and old style.


I hope you have as much success with this pattern as I do.

Materials List
Hook: Size 12-18 Wet
Thread: Black
Weight: Few turns of lead, Bead or Weightless
Tail: Red Wool
Body: Peacock Herl
Rib: Silver Tinsel
Hackle: Brown hen


Tying Instructions
bar-fly step01Start by wrapping lead if you plan to weight them, if not, just start your thread and run a thread base to the tail tie in point. (you can also tie these with a bead, but I like them more traditional thread head myself)

bar-fly step02Tie in a short section of red wool for the tail. Regular yarns these days are mostly Acrylic and do not flow or move like wool does in the water so try and source some wool if you can. Marabou could be substitued in a pinch as well.

bar-fly step03Tie in your tinsel, gold side up if you're using the double sided stuff so when it wraps the silver shows.


Tie in 2-4 fat peacock herls tips first, and spin them with your thread to make a nice herl rope.


Wrap your herl forward leaving a small gap behind eye.

bar-fly step04Spiral your tinsel forward as a rib, tie off behind the eye.

bar-fly step05Tie in your soft hackle and wind 3-4 turns advancing forward for each to the eye and tie off.


Wrap a nice head with your thread, whip finish and coat with some cement.

bar-flyThese flys have a lot of the elements of traditional favorites that just plain catch fish. Red, Silver, Peacock and Soft hackle... All elements of a successful fly pattern.


Hope it works as good for you as it has for me over the years!

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