Flashback Hares Ear

fb hares earThe Flashback Hares Ear is my go-to dropper for most stillwater situations, I have a hard time finding another nymph in my boxes that is as consistient a producer as this fly.


Its a simple tie, and very effective. I don't tie it exactly to tradition opting to omit certain items to speed up the tying process as I go through a lot of these flies.


I hope you have as much success with this pattern as I do.

Materials List
Hook: Size 12-18 Wet
Thread: Brown
Weight: Few turns of lead, Bead or Weightless
Tail: Hares Mask Guard Hairs
Body: Tan Hare dubbing
Thorax: Tan Hare dubbing
Wingcase: Pearl Flash


Tying Instructions
fb hares ear01Start by wrapping lead if you plan to weight them, if not, just start your thread and run a thread base to the tail tie in point. (you can also tie these with a bead, but I like them more traditional thread head myself)

fb hares ear02Clip a small clump of guard hairs from your hares mask, and tie them in for the tail.

fb hares ear03Dub forward to just ahead of the midpoint on the hook creating a nice taper.

fb hares ear04Tie in your Flash.
fb hares ear05Dub a nice thick thorax to the eye.

fb hares ear06Fold the flash over the thorax to form the wingcase and secure behind the eye tightly. Create a nice thread head and whip finish the fly.

fb hares earA little head cement and you've got a quick tie that just produces well. The traditional pattern also calls for gold wire rib which I usually omit to shorten the tie a bit, but you can add it back in if you desire.

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