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McFly Foam Eggs

mcfly foam eggQuick and simple eggs using McFly Foam and the DiY Egg Foam Tool. Using the tool and this method you can crank out a dozen eggs in less than 10 minutes making re-stocking those boxes for the next trip a breeze.

Check out the DiY Egg Foam Tool tutorial for how to make and load the simple yet effective tool for tying these eggs.




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Spencer Higa's SOS

sos done sideI was first introduced to this pattern while fishing for Apaches on the White River. A buddy was slaying them, and I was struggling to pick them up on my rotation into the "hole". He offered up this little fly and said it was the SOS (Save Our Skin) and boy did it. Changing to this fly as the dropper yielded a fish on almost every drift.

Originated by Spencer Higa and sold by Orvis, this awesome pattern has been a go-to fly for me just about everywhere I've fished for trout with droppers. Give it a try and see if its just the Distress Signal you needed to land more fish.

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White Trash Nymph

white trash nymphThe White Trash Nymph has been working great as a dropper on the local Bass and Bluegill lakes recently. The bedded bass really seemed to hate this fly and numerous largemouth were caught while bluegill fishing over the past few months along with some bruiser bluegill as well.  

Its a simple tie, and very effective. It is pretty much a Flashback Hares Ear using  a white Simi Seal like dubbing I've been experimenting with.

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Flashback Hares Ear

fb hares earThe Flashback Hares Ear is my go-to dropper for most stillwater situations, I have a hard time finding another nymph in my boxes that is as consistient a producer as this fly.


Its a simple tie, and very effective. I don't tie it exactly to tradition opting to omit certain items to speed up the tying process as I go through a lot of these flies.


I hope you have as much success with this pattern as I do.

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Bar Fly

bar-flyThis is a simple wet fly that I first tied almost 25 years ago as a kid trying to find something that the local fish would eat when they were not slapping dries off the surface. My mom jokingly called it the "bar fly" much like the over the hill, chain smoking women you might find at the bar. The name stuck, and I think describes this fly well. Its gaudy and flashy, and old style.


I hope you have as much success with this pattern as I do.

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[Video] Red Wire Annelid

red wire annelid

A quick and dirty wire annelid I tied for the San Juan River, New Mexico. It was quite effective for those of us that fished it. The wire seems to get the fly down a little quicker to the fish instead of only relying on the split shot or lead to get it down.


I tie it on as a dropper under an egg pattern or bugger and it works great. Hope it works for you, thanks for checking it out!



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