Simple Pimple Popper

foam bodies09This is a simple quick popper to tie, low cost and float like a cork all day. Its perfectly sized for Bluegill, and other sunfish and attracts bass just fine as well. It uses the foam heads made using the DIY Foam Ant and Popper Bodies tutorial.

Some of my more productive colors are Black with Green face and White with Red face. The foam to make these is quite easy to find at the local hobby places, just look for the 6mm (thick) sheets, usually come in White, Red and Black. I'd like to find a source for some good green foam in 6mm as well locally, but so far no dice. The face of the popper I just use 1mm foam superglued to the 6mm. Look for a package of foam "Craft Sticks" on the pegs at the local hobby lobby. They are 1mm and come in bright colors, perfect for this, and the ant bodies indicator color.


I hope you have as much success with this pattern as I do.

Materials List
Hook: Size 10-12
Thread: Any Color
Head: Foam Cored Popper Head
Tail: Hackle Tips
Hackle: Rest of the hackle from the tail


Tying Instructions
foam bodies08Start by making a bunch of the popper heads using the tutorial linked above.

simple pimple popper01Lay down a thread base at the front half of the fly on your hook so the glue has something to hold onto. Advance your thread to the middle of the hook behind where the foam is getting glued in.

simple pimple popper02Take one of the foam heads, and a sharp razor blade, slice 1/3 of the way through so it can slide on the hook.


simple pimple popper03

Put a drop of glue on the thread base, and slide the popper head onto the shank. Hold the bottom sliced portion closed for a second while the glue dries.

simple pimple popper04 Tie in 2 hackles by the tips to form a tail along with some flash if you like.

simple pimple popper05 Grab the hackle butts and wind them forward to the foam, secure with your thread.

simple pimple popper06 You can put some stick on eyes or use a marker whatever floats your boat here for eyes.


These little poppers hold up well to hundreds of hungry bluegill, and if the foam does work its way loose and falls off, save the back half the of the fly. When you get home, just slice a new head and glue it on, recycling at its best!


 simple pimple popper

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