Maverick Pike Fly

maverick-step00This is a quick pike tie that has proven pretty effective on the local pike populations here in Arizona. Its a simple pattern that can be adjusted in color to suit the fish and conditions in your area. I've tied this in "FireTiger" Orange, Black, White and as demonstrated here, Yellow. The undersized (for hook size) fish skull provides just a little bit of weight to give the fly a nice action in the water, but not so much as to drop fast and get you hung up. Give this pattern a try the next time you're chasing pike.



Materials List
Hook: Size 1 Short Shanked "Stinger" hook
Thread: 6/0 Any Color or Mono
Tail: Long Rabbit Strip & Red Legs Alive
Body: Black Rabbit Strip & Orange Hackle
Head: Medium Fish Skull



Tying Instructions
maverick-step01Secure the hook in the vise and lay down a thread base.

maverick-step02Take a long rabbit strip and secure it down at the rear of the hook. Secure it well, use glue if needed. We want these flies to survive more than one fish if possible!

maverick-step03Take 4 or 6 strands of the Legs Alive and secure them to the top of the hook. You could also use just long rubber leg material. The Legs Alive product is a thin rubber leg that really moves well in the water. You can get it from the Fly Tyers Dungeon.

maverick-step04Tie in a black rabbit strip and wrap it around one turn in front of the other 4-5 times. Like the steps above, secure this down well to keep it from slipping out with sharp pike teeth.

maverick-step05Tie in and wrap a bright orange hackle. I like to leave a little bit of the fuzz at the end of the fly to add some bulk, and action. It usually takes 2 large feathers to get a nice collar, use more as needed.


Put a good base of thread over the ends as this will be the support for your Fish Skull when glued on.


Whip Finish.

maverick-step06Test fit the Fish Skull and get a nice tight fit by adding more thread if needed. Put a good coat of superglue on the thread wraps and push the fish skull on tightly. Make sure the eye of your hook is exposed out of the front of the Fish Skull.


Some like to put some thread wraps in front of the skull, I don't bother, its just an extra step that I don't see a need for in these flies. I've never had one come loose without the wraps. Your mileage may vary.


This guy ate an 11" "FireTiger" color version. 36" and my biggest pike to date on the fly!

36in pike

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