A2 Knot

a2 knotI'm always in search of an easier or quicker way to do things, and while I love the strength and versatility of the Uni Knot (Duncan) It was a little slow to tie, and difficult in some lines for me.

I had watched a fishing video with Kelly Galloup and he used a Figure 8 knot to tie his flies on and swore by the knot. I replicated the knot but soon forgot how to tie it out of not using it. A year or so later I sat down to try and remember that knot and couldn't quite get it. I tied the knot in a lot of different ways before finding a knot that wasn't the original, but tied easily and was very strong.

I did some research on the knot that I had "discovered" by trial and error and found that it had also recently been tied by a knot enthusiast and given the name Fig. 8 Noose Knot (A2). So while I can't claim I invented this knot, I did discover it on my own, and its not a normally used fishing knot.

I've been using this knot exclusively for about a year and has caught everything from Bluegill, Carp, Pike and Trout. It ties easily in Mono, Flourocarbon, 30lb through 7x. It doesn't suffer the issues that the Davy knot (another Figure 8 style) has where larger diameter tippet on small flies will not close the knot properly. This is because the cinching portion of the knot is not running through the eye of the hook.

I present to you the A2 Knot!

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