DIY Fly Photography -The Cup Studio

fotw 06-11-12 black-cupstudio

This is not my original idea, but here is my take on it.

Fly photography can be difficult due to getting even lighting, steady shots, clean background etc. You can take a lot of the work out of the shot by setting up a small "studio" if you will for your shots. A foam cup works great to even out and soften the light, and gives you a location to attach your fly to the studio and the studio to your camera!

This was made with a large white cup and about 10min of cutting, taping...
cup studio

I cut the top few inches off the cup, and then cut another inch or so off of that so it could friction fit over the new "bottom" side. Taped a nice blue "background" to the top of the cup as well. To hold the fly I just poked a hole through the side and ran one of the "DIY hackle pliers" through. I cut the bottom out of the cup to match the outside diameter of the Lumix camera lens.

The whole "studio" slides onto my camera, and then I can move the whole thing under my tying lamp to get the right lighting I want... Closer for brighter, forwards, backwards, side etc... The beauty is there is no handshake issues with slow shutter speeds because the
subject is attached to the camera, if the camera shakes, so does the fly the same!


A couple sample shots...

fotw 06-11-12 black-cupstudio


fotw 06-04-12 cupstudio


You can even swap out the "backgrounds" with magazine clippings of your favorite creeks or locations...
cup studio background02

cup studio background01


Or even a trout!
cup studio background03

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