DIY Foam Ant and Popper Bodies

foam bodies01So being the cheap bastard that I am, I'm always looking for ways of tying on the cheap. Whenever I go into a crafty type store or even the hardware store I'm always on the lookout for thing I can use in tying. I like the foam ants that Eric (MudBug) has posted a Step By Step on, but was WAY too cheap to buy "Ant Bodies" for $3 per 10ct

So I set off to the local Hobby-Lobby for some thick foam to punch out for bodies... Foam Flip Flops were $1ea in all kinds of colors, and being the cheap ass that I am, I bought XL's to get a little extra foam for the price. At home I looked around for an appropriate "tube" to do the punching and found an old antenna from a RC radio. The antenna is made of thin brass tubing coated in chrome and every size I could ever need in one shot!

foam bodies03

I just pulled the antenna apart and chucked up the size I wanted to use in a drill, spun it up and held a fine file to the end for a second to give it a nice sharp cutting edge.

foam bodies04


foam bodies02

A few experimental cuts and had it figured out.

foam bodies01

Added an "indicator" to the end of the little foam cylinder by just gluing a thin strip of contrast foam to the sandal before coring.

foam bodies05

They tie up into nice little ants! Thanks for the Pattern Eric!

foam bodies07


foam bodies06

I've also been doing this to make poppers for quite a while with different foam, but same general idea.

foam bodies08


foam bodies09

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