Pigfarm Ink presents Fly Fishing Film Tour 2015 - Phoenix!

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How to Tie Flies by E.C. Gregg

An old classic Fly Tying book from the 40's recently put in the public domain (copyright free), enjoy!


Image of book cover.

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Read more: How to Tie Flies by E.C. Gregg

Furled Leader PVC Jig Calculator

This is a quick and easy calculator I created in Excel for building your PVC Furling Jig.


Enter your desired leader length, the twist percentage of your material you're using to make the leader (Mono, Thread etc) and the compensation for the couplings in the jig and it will calculate all your cut lengths for the PVC to build the Jig. You can adjust the taper by changing the percentages above each style of leader as well.


Click below to download.


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Gary's Furled Leader Class Handout

This is the handout from the AZ Fly Casters Furled Leader Class Demo that Gary put on.  It was a great class, lots of information about furled leaders, their construction etc... Gary asked if I could share the document so that it was available for download.


Click below to download the document.


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