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San Juan Redemption

superbowl juan-jason fish-benAfter my first experience fishing the famed San Juan River in New Mexico I left with a jaded opinion of the place being likened to a crowded theme park and I didn't have much desire to return. Sure the fishing was good, but the "People Experience" wasn't.

I had recently read a few reports that the San Juan fishes great in the late Winter, crowds were down and overall just a better experience. A couple other friends were hitting it the week or two before the weekend I had some extra time off, so I sent out the feelers to a couple friends to see if they wanted to fish it Superbowl weekend. A Plan was hatched, Kristen, Ben and I were going to the Juan!

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San Juanland

sanjuanlandA recent trip wasn't able to materialize and a decision was made by Kirk and I to head to the San Juan and see what all the talk is about with the time we had already taken off for the other trip.

We packed up the car and left at midnight to get to the San Juan by early morning and start fishing. The drive was long going through the barren reservation in New Mexico on the way.

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Monster Tilapia

crystal tilapia1Crystal and I hit a local urban fishing spot for 2hours at the end of the evening to shake off the funk of having to work all day doing a software deployment. The weather has been cooling off and it was nice out, overcast and about 90f.

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Memorial Day Pike

memorial day 2012 shotgunA couple fishing buddies and I made a day trip up north to chase some pike on Memorial Day, I've tried a couple times at this place and have never been able to get into pike, I really wanted to cross this species off my list and be able to move on. The last outing to this lake I vowed to never return, 45mph winds and not one nibble in 3 days.

We got to the lake late morning and as expected the water level was a few feet low making for a lot of sticky mud. On the way walking in we found a rusted out shotgun and a buddy stood it up, it made a fitting memorial for the holiday we were enjoying. The top end of the lake was a madhouse of cars, people and fisherman, very typical Memorial Day on the lakes...The side of the lake we were fishing was mostly devoid of people, only a few people playing on the opposite shore.

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The Tale of Two Carp

crystal gardens carp02-10 5 11I went out to the normal urban haunt to chase some carp this morning. As some have reported a lot of the ponds are very blue from being treated for algae etc, the fish activity was way down. I quickly made the rounds through my usual ponds with nary a fish even making an apearance and decided to see if some of the ponds I haven't fished in a few months were as blue.

Got there and they were looking pretty good, scummy as usual, just the way we like it! Saw a few of them sucking the surface about 100ft away, and a few swimming together about 50ft off. I clipped off the Simi Leech and tied on one of my Soggy Bread flies and cast in front of the pod closest to me. The splat on the water of the fly got them to start to rise up and suck a little. Casting topwater to a group of carp almost always seems to get them competitive for whatever could have landed, and this time was no different. 2 of the 4 fish turned their heads and came up to the surface almost bumping eachother, one of them sucked it right in nice and easy...

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Little Friday Morning Urban Action

crystal_gardens_carp-6_3_11Hit a little urban before starting work this morning. Friend and I headed out to a favorite spot, there we hooked up with a buddy and started hitting the ponds...

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