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Urban Quadfecta

crystal gardens tilapia-5 31 11Hit a favorite local urban spot this Memorial weekend to see what I could catch. I got there about 6:30am and started working some of the upper ponds. Lots of carp were tailing in the shallows and I saw some fish I've never had the opportunity to pursue, Tilapia...

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Urban Bass

carpapalooza7At the same set of ponds from the "Carp Ahoy!" entry, there is a healthy population of Largemouth Bass. Having seen photos posted of 6lb + fish, I was eager to give it a shot between Carp when we were there.

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Carp Ahoy!

carpapalooza6Hit some local urban ponds today with Ben from and his buddy Justin for a couple hours this morning. The target... Carp!

We had gone out the previous weekend with another friend and saw a ton of carp, but just couldn't quite figure out the puzzle and get them to take the fly. Ben got into one for a short bit that weekend, and it started the desire.

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