New Hat, New Species and Small Creeks

brookieskinKristen and I hit a couple of small creeks over the past 2 weekends, this is just a quick report and few photos.

We hit Oak Creek and picked up mostly a bunch of fiesty browns and a stocker rainbow just to round out the day. This was my first trip to Oak Creek that actually produced fish, it was a lot of fun slipping and sliding all over the rocks in our short hike up the creek. Next time I need to remember to put on my felt soles, curse those slippery rocks, I took a few cooling dunks, which were actually pretty refreshing.

kristen oak brownhandful oak brown

The fly of the day was pretty much a small caddis pattern cast into any of the little plunge pools and you'd get an immediate take from one of the many little browns waiting for food to drop into their faces.


The next weekend we hit a small quiet creek to try and get Kristen her first Brook Trout. We got to the trailhead before sunrise geared up and set out on the short hike. Just as we were getting to the fishable spots it started to sprinkle a little rain on us, and turned into a full rain for about 5 minutes. We stood under some trees while the rain past and talked about the beautiful wild brookies that inhabit this tiny creek. Once the rain stopped we set out to catch some fish, and get Kristen her first brookie.

The first good looking hole we came up to was no bigger than a few square feet at the edge of a rock, Kristen cast into the top of it, nothing, another cast closer to the rock, nothing, and a third cast close to the near bank... perfect drift behind the grass clump out of sight and... SPLASH! She set the hook and had a fun little fight with her first brookie, and nice healthy fish for this small creek.

kristen first brookie2

We hiked the creek a ways and caught fish both hiking up and down the creek. We both were surprised at the lack of "dinks" that would normally be plentiful to hand in this creek, most of the fish we caught were larger than the averages I've had in the past, a nice bonus for sure.

kristen first brookiekristen first brookie3

Browns and Brookies were eager to eat dries that day. I fished Yellow and Red Humpy's almost all day, with Kristen fishing Caddis and Humpy's as well. This was the 2nd trip wearing the new Arizona Wanderings hat, Oak Creek being the first. Its a nice fitting cap, and has brought me luck on the 2 past trips, thanks Ben!

azw hat jason brookie

humpy destroyed brookie

azw hat jason brown

brown adiposebrown head
We were alone on both creeks, never seeing another person the entire time fishing. Its pretty cool to know you're the only people in the entire state fishing that part of the creek that day. I love Arizona small streams!
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