Monster Tilapia

crystal tilapia1Crystal and I hit a local urban fishing spot for 2hours at the end of the evening to shake off the funk of having to work all day doing a software deployment. The weather has been cooling off and it was nice out, overcast and about 90f.

We each picked up 2 carp before the sun started to set, and then a tilapia each as it was getting dark.


crystal carp1

This guy put up a great fight on her 5wt. He had a huge head and beefy shoulders, he was built to run.

crystal carp2

Crystal pulled out this absolute MONSTER as the last fish of the night.

crystal tilapia1

 I wish I would have brought my better camera, these were just from my HTC Evo 4G LTE in the dark.

I did take a photo of the fish next to her rod so we could get a measurement when we got home. Turns out he was 19"! The current Arizona Catch and Release record is 18", I wish I would have had a tape measure with me and taken a pic of it measured, she would have the official AZ State Catch & Release record for Tilapia!


crystal tilapia2





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