Little Friday Morning Urban Action

crystal_gardens_carp-6_3_11Hit a little urban before starting work this morning. Friend and I headed out to a favorite spot, there we hooked up with a buddy and started hitting the ponds...

The other 2 guys were doing good, hooking up often, bass, carp, tilapia, but I wasn't having much luck the first few ponds.

I saw a carp tailing on the reef a bit off the shore and a bass was swimming close to him. I cast initially to try and catch the bass but the carp decided to chase him away as I was casting out. My fly landed about a foot to his right and I stripped it past him anyways, why waste a cast right? ... I saw him turn his head and suck the fly in and it was on!

I fought this bastard for a long time, he wasn't a big runner, didn't take lots of line, but he just bulldogged me and stayed on the bottom. He made a few short powerful runs at the end of the fight, and mostly refused to come to the net... about the 4th or 5th time trying I was able to get him close enough to the shoreline that my buddy was able to give a swift scoop of the net and get him for me.

This was the biggest carp I've caught to date, he was a pig.


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