Urban Bass

carpapalooza7At the same set of ponds from the "Carp Ahoy!" entry, there is a healthy population of Largemouth Bass. Having seen photos posted of 6lb + fish, I was eager to give it a shot between Carp when we were there.

I caught a dozen or so small 8in or so bass all eager to fight over who would get on the end of my line. The largest of the day was 16in and gave up a good fight on the 5wt. A size 10 Conehead purple AZ Simi-Seal leech was the ticket for the larger fish, and all of the smaller ones were caught on a Beadhead Chartruse Simi-Seal leech with centipede legs. I lost as many or more than I landed, these fish really have perfected throwing the hook.

I saw a lot of bass in the 10-13in range swimming alongside really large carp. I got to the point that I would cast to the larger carp to get the bass to come out from behind them and strike.


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