Memorial Day Pike

memorial day 2012 shotgunA couple fishing buddies and I made a day trip up north to chase some pike on Memorial Day, I've tried a couple times at this place and have never been able to get into pike, I really wanted to cross this species off my list and be able to move on. The last outing to this lake I vowed to never return, 45mph winds and not one nibble in 3 days.

We got to the lake late morning and as expected the water level was a few feet low making for a lot of sticky mud. On the way walking in we found a rusted out shotgun and a buddy stood it up, it made a fitting memorial for the holiday we were enjoying. The top end of the lake was a madhouse of cars, people and fisherman, very typical Memorial Day on the lakes...The side of the lake we were fishing was mostly devoid of people, only a few people playing on the opposite shore.


The wind is usually pretty gnarly at this place and have kept me from going back every time its brought up as a potential trip. Winds were forcasted to be slower than usual and for the most part it cooperated until the later afternoon when it did pick up and stay steady, true to form. We were tossing big flies on 8wt rigs, lots of double hauling and miles of flyline stripped, FAST, made for some sore arms at the end of the day.

I had picked up a very inexpensive Cabelas 8wt a year or so ago for the last trip to this lake to toss the bigger flies, and recently replaced the plastic reel with one of Cabelas newest budget reels the WR3 Wind River Fly Reel. Its a greal little cast reel, with a basic drag. I picked it up for less than $20 on sale and it can't be beat for the price. The rod and reel combo casted nicer than I expected with a DT Rio Mainstream line I had spooled up on it that same morning. Turning over the big flies was no problem for the 6' furled leader I made for the 8wt out of 4lb mono tipped with 3ft of 20lb Flurocarbon


memorial day 2012 flyandreel


All 3 of us got into pike, I was the last one to hook up, but it was fun. The fish jumped a few times and came to hand quickly. He cooperated for a few photos then decided to go crazy and get back home...


memorial day 2012 pike


It was a fun day, and I think I'll go back again in pursuit of Pike...

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