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apex vise review 01Ron over at Southwest Custom Rods has started to carry the Wolff Indiana Atlas and Apex vises. I jumped at the chance to steal both vises from him and do some tying on them!

These were formerly known as Anvil USA vises but Wolff Indiana which was the manufacturer of them for Anvil USA purchased the rights from them to continue to sell directly as Anvil USA was going in another direction with their product line.

This is the little brother of the Atlas vise and while not as feature rich as the full rotary big brother, this little vise has it all where it counts.

This is a standard vise with in-line rotary functions made from stainless steel, made in the USA and carries a lifetime warranty. The jaws are made from tool steel and can hold hooks from 6/0 to 32 securely. There are grooves in the jaws to help hold the larger hooks which really helps. The in-line rotary allows you to turn the fly over while tying or for inspection. This works best when the jaws are horizontal, but is usefull for inspection in the standard configuration as well. The vise can also be converted to right or left hand easily by just moving the knobs to the other side if needed. It comes with both a large heavy pedestal base, and a nice machined C-Clamp.

apex vise review 02 apex vise review 03  apex vise review 04

Jaw adjustment is easy with the large knurled knob at the end of the vise, and the clamping motion is short and very secure. The Jaws can be angled by adjusting the bolt in the stem to suit the flies being tied. Running them horizontal while tying large streamers or saltwater patterns will allow the use of the in-line rotary functions.

apex vise review 05

The vise comes with both a heavy steel base and nicely machined C-Clamp.

apex vise review 06 apex vise review 07

This vise is the perfect production tying vise when full rotary functions are not needed for the patterns being tied. Its quick to adjust, lock the hook in and a pleasure to tie on.


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