UV Cure Flashlight Comparison

uv lamp brightness comparisonI recently picked up a new UV cure lamp from the guys over at Solarez and after testing it out, I had to do a comparison review out of pure respect for the output of this lamp.

I have 4 handheld UV flashlights that I have used for curing UV Resins from Clear Cure Goo, Loon, Rio and Solarez. All of the lamps cure any of the resins I've tried, I have yet to find a resin that wont cure with the brands of lamps I've been using.



My first lamp was the recommended lamp from Clear Cure Goo, I received it in a starter kit from them a couple years back and it seemed to do a decent job curing the resin at the time.

uv lamp ccg originaluv lamp ccg original-face

During a trip to the local Ace Hardware store I saw they had the "Scorpion" flashlights on sale, and picked up their medium size (14 LED) lamp, to see if the claims made by Clear Cure Goo about their resins only curing with their specific light were true. The Scorpion light worked great, and even cured a little quicker as it was a bit more powerful. It was also a little better on battery life.

uv lamp scorpion meduv lamp scorpion med-face

This discovery led me to pick up a larger Scorpion light (28 LED) that I again found on sale. This lamp has been my workhorse now for over a year as it is a bit more intense, and seems to cure the resin quickly and evenly.

uv lamp scorpion largeuv lamp scorpion large-face

The most recent addition to the flashlight collection was the UV Flashlight from Solarez. They sent me the "New" version of their flashlight which boasts being 25% brighter their their previous version. And while it might be 25% brighter than their old version, its at least 200-300% brighter than any of the other flashlights I've been using.

uv lamp solarez newuv lamp solarez new-face

This new lamp uses a single SMD LED and cures faster than anything else I've tried short of direct sunlight. It uses 2 CR123a batteries which is a bit of a bummer as all the others use 3xAAA batteries that are easy to get pretty much anywhere and are low cost in comparison. That issue is resolved by just getting some rechargable CR123a batteries from eBay which ran about the same price as a single set of quality batteries from the local store.

It was a bit difficult to try and get a photo of the different lights output all at the same time without fabricating some crazy contraption, but then it dawned on me, we have a glass table! Set all 4 lamps up on the table face down shooting into a piece of posterboard about 12" below it. This was the result...

uv lamp brightness comparison

The lights are left to right: CCG Lamp, 14 LED Scorpion Light, 28 LED Scorpion Light, and the Solarez Light at far right.

And while I understand that the visible aspect of a UV Curing Flashlight is kind of moot, when it comes to curing, they perform much like they show here. So if you're looking for a new lamp to spend less time curing and more time tying, check out the new offering from Solarez.

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