Solarez UV-Cure Fly Tying Resins

solarez uv resinsThe UV-Cure resins are one of the hottest things to hit fly tying in the past few years. No more are the days of mixing up expoxy and putting little dabs on the backs of your flies, or having to setup the fly rotator to coat the heads of Clousers etc. Now you can just grab your resin, add it to the fly and within a few seconds cure it with a flashlight. This opens up a whole new world of being able to build up complex fly patterns using UV-Cure resins during the process instead of just after to coat something. Spoon flies, baitfish patterns, all the way down to thin midges, this stuff is revolutionizing the tying world.

The folks at Solarez were nice enough to send me some of their new UV-Cure Fly Tying Resins to try out. This 3 pack of resins comes with a Thick Hard resin, Thin Hard resin, and a Flexible resin in 5 gram tubes. The tubes are great sized for working around flies and the built in applicator tip works great without having to add anything to the tubes.

The UV-Cure segment of flytying is growing rapidly, new products, new vendors coming out. I was very happy to see Solarez had came out with their Fly tying line of resins finally. I have used Solarez products in the past for various projects and they make a quality resin. The Fly Tying line keeps that tradition by offering a quality product at a great price. The Solarez Fly Tying resins are the best buy out there right now as far as cost per gram for the resin. This means you can make MORE flies for LESS, always a bonus in my book. I think once you try Solarez UV-Cure Fly Tying Resins, you be hooked as well!

On to the review...

I received the package from Wahoo International, the parent company of Solarez and I immediately played around with the resins seeing how they flowed, cured, and held up. The resins work great. Flowed out of the tubes nicely, the applicator tip was perfect sized to work on the flies even with my hamfists.




The Thick and Thin resins both cure up very hard and clear and the Flex resin is very flexible when cured up. Speaking of curing, these resins cured up nicely with all of my different UV lights, from the inexpensive "Scorpion" lights to a more specific spectrum light from another UV-Cure manufacturer. The resins reacted quickly to the lights, firming up immediately and allowed me to build up if needed. Once I was done with the fly I just hit them for a bit with the light to cure it all up nice and hard. Solarez does make a specific curing light that looks awesome, but was not in hand for the review. It has a focusable beam and tripod mount which could come in handy when cranking out flies production style. I'll have to order one and give it a go.

solarez light

The Thick resin is great for those applications where you need some time to work around the fly and don't want the whole mess dripping off as you rotate around and work on things. The Thin is about half the viscosity of the Thick and flows around a little easier, great for those small areas where you want the resin to level out a bit quicker. The Flex resin cures incredibly flexible, and has got me full of ideas for interesting ways to use it with flies in the future! I wish they had a super thin version of the hard resin so we could use it as a head cement, or when you need the resin to soak in a bit more. Maybe this is something they can develop down the road if there is some more demand. The guys at Solarez said that warming the resins a little will allow them to flow and pentrate better, and that the Flex resin makes great wader repair as well, thanks for the tips!

I've used most all of the competitors products out there and the Solarez UV-Cure Fly Tying Resins get top marks all the way around and stand above all the rest for their low prices. The Solarez offerings come in at over half the price of some of their competitors with no compromise of quality that I've been able to find at all. The UV-Cure Solarez Fly Tying Resins have a permanent place in my fly tying kit, give them a try and they will find a place in yours too!


Visit and pick some up today. solarezlogo


  • Low Price!
  • Convenient applicator built into tube ready to go
  • Cures fast, clear and very hard (with exception to the Flexible of course)


  • None on the existing products, just wish they had a super-thin version
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