46 Color Dubbing Set



46 Color Dubbing Set - $25 $17.50 Shipped!

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46 different colors of dubbing, all synthetic, medium length, medium to medium-coarse dubbing.

Great for Dries, Nymphs, Wets etc... it brushes out pretty buggy if you want. It's a Medium/Medium to Medium/Coarse feel. It has a sparkle to it, not a dull finish like superfine etc.

101 271 251


Check out the color chart for the colors you will be getting.

dubbing colors


You are getting:

  • 46 colors
  • At least 2 grams of dubbing each (most between 2.4g-2.8g)
  • Individually bagged and labeled


HOLIDAY SALE - 40% off!


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orange scud


dubbing scuds

** Disclaimer
Most of the dubbing is very similar to SST and Trilobal dubbing. Some of the dubbing was "factory seconds"
meaning the dye color was off slightly from their accepted color, or it needed a little more blending before it was to be sold. For this reason the price is low for what you're getting, and if you have to finger blend a little before use, its a good trade off for a smoking deal I think. Figured I'd throw that disclaimer out there ahead of time and be up front that not every bag is perfect, but none of it is even slightly bad at all.
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