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The Junk Drawer

junk drawerWe all have one in our home, that odd sized drawer that started out with good intentions, a couple pens, random spare keys, maybe the left over nuts and bolts from that Ikea bookshelf you built... But over time it gets out of hand and its overflowing with stuff. People call it a Junk Drawer, but most of what is in there isn't Junk!

Here at AZ by the Fly we have the same thing going on with gear, stickers and other swag. Over the years you end up with items that maybe you wont use, have too many of, not your style, etc... We've started to throw all the stuff in one spot and we're calling it our Junk Drawer and opening it up for contest prizes, giveaways etc.

So that's what this post is, the ongoing contents of the AZ by the Fly Junk Drawer, check back whenever we're doing a giveaway to see if there is something in there you want. If you're a vendor or just want to throw something of yours into the Junk Drawer let us know, we're always looking for cool stuff to give to our readers!



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